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Everything we learned from the 14-second James Bond teaser for ‘No Time to Die’

December 2, 2019

Image result for Everything we learned from the 14-second James Bond teaser for 'No Time to Die'When you’re a very serious secret agent, you need a very serious marketing campaign for your brand new, serious movie.

Hence why this isn’t just the first trailer for the upcoming Bond film No Time to Die — it’s the trailer for the first trailer.

That’s right, on Monday morning, the official 007 Twitter account posted a video announcing that the actual trailer will be dropping on Wednesday.

Not a lot to work with there, but we do get a whopping nine shots which include:

– Bond looking serious as a garage (?) door opens

– Bond looking serious as he shuts a car door

– A vehicle hurtling off a small cliff

– Lashana Lynch’s mysterious character Nomi looking serious as she slowly lowers her sunglasses

– Ana de Armas’ character Paloma looking serious as she fires two guns

– Bond riding a motorcycle up some tiny stairs

– Bond looking serious in a tuxedo

– Some heavy duty guns popping out of the headlights of a car

– An ominous figure staring through a blurry doorway

Serious stuff, indeed.

The full trailer for No Time to Die drops Wednesday. Hold on to your martinis.


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